Saturday, January 10, 2009

A good day............finally

A pretty good day today. I have been able to sleep relatively well the past 2 nights, and I didn't have near as much pain today as I have previously. Hopefully, I've turned a corner in dealing with this injury.

My dog, Bobo, went to the vet today for his yearly distemper shot. I was surprised because when it came time for his turn to see the doctor, getting the shot didn't seem to bother him. But when the doc began to clip his claws,.............
well let's just say this wasn't his favorite part of the day. He is doing fine though, and he's my little buddy.

Later we went to lunch with Vernon, Ingrid's step-father,at his favorite Italian restaurant in Champaign, Biaggi's. He and Ursula (Ingrid's mom) were frequent diners at this establishment. The entire staff fussed over them and would bend over backwards (is that really possible?) to cater to their needs. Last year, when Ursula became sick, the restaurant would send food to their home. On the house. Gratis. Pro bono. Free.

After we got back to Rantoul, Ingrid and I went to our church to prepare the bulletins for tomorrow's services. Between the two of us, we type and print the bulletin folders, prayer memos, and any other inserts that have arrived during the week. This is just a part of the activities we are involved with in our church.

We just got done watching the 3rd season premiere of "My Big Redneck Wedding" on CMT. If only once, you MUST watch this show (Saturday nights 9e/8c). After seeing it, you will feel better about your own family..............I guaronteeeeeeeeeeee.

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.

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