Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally........Back to Work

I'm happy to report that indeed, I have been cleared to return to work, which I did after receiving the required release from my doctor this morning. Clocked in at 11:36 was running behind schedule, plus he suggested eating some food with my pain pill before going in. So I did. Left at 7pm........very tired. But very glad to be back on the job, and to STILL have my job. That was the important thing.
Now that I am back on schedule, I am off the next two days. My days off typically are Sunday, Thursday, and Friday. I am still part time, 32 hours a week. I will discuss more hours with management when I am completely recovered from the injury. And I received my 1 year evaluation today. My official 1 year anniversary is March 11. They do these early. I received very nice comments from my department asst. manager, and beginning the pay period that includes 3-11, I will get a 40 cent per hour raise. I am thankful.
I'm it's time to rest. More later.
Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.

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