Monday, February 4, 2008

In a Fog

Today was crazy. Just crazy. A very thick fog moved in late last night, and stayed around all day. I mean, ALL day. Visibility less than 50 feet. And guess what? I drove 22 miles to Mahomet, in the fog, not being able to see more than one car length ahead of me.

Had the interview with Midwest Portraits. The owner is looking for people to cover a certain area setting up meetings with those service groups looking for fund raising ideas. It would certainly be a different career than working in a factory. I should know by sometime Wednesday.

Tomorrow, Feb. 5, is primary election day. I serve as a Champaign County election judge. My time begins at around 5:30am, with the polls opening at 6am and remaining open until 7pm. It's a long day, but I don't mind. I see it as doing my civic duty.
So, my next post will hopefully be sometime Wednesday.

Ursula, my mother in law, went to see her cancer doctor today. It was decided to begin chemo treatments today as well. Her condition remains the same, although she did have some chicken noodle soup today. So that's a hopeful sign.

If you are registered, VOTE! It's your right, and your responsibility.

More later.

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jel said...

glad ya had a safe trip, and ya get the job!

glad to her that she is eating! ;)

Got a friend in st louis that works the polls too!