Friday, February 1, 2008

Digging Out, Looking for Work, and a Golf Story

I was up @ 6:30am digging out the driveway from an eleven inch snowfall. I would have posted a pic, but I still need to learn how to download from the digital camera, and then post. I'm sure my wife can show me how.

I got a lot done, considering the outside conditions. The local unemployment office (in Champaign, 17 miles south of Rantoul; GO ILLINI!) had scheduled a Job Fair, with prospective employers there to take applications and such. Well, Ingrid and I got there just after 1 PM to find that the fair was cancelled, because of the weather. Imagine that. So one of the counselors told me about a new online place to look for jobs. Let's just say the new one doesn't work any better than the first one they showed me. But I got a lead on a position in nearby Mahomet. Using, I posted my resume and not only applied for that position, but FIVE other jobs I thought I might be a fit for. Yet the state-sponsored websites could not match me with even ONE job! So my reply to the state websites:


Otherwise, how are things? My mother in law, Ursula, is still very weak and unable to each much. A visiting nurse tried for one hour this morning to draw blood, but could not. Even though she is home, she is still very sick.

Today's Quote from the Stupidest Things Ever Said Calendar:
"We have to belly up to the buzz saw, and I think we're reaping the whirlwind from it." -Tennessee Senator Jim Sasser


Oh, a story heard on Paul Harvey today:

The average golfer walks 900 miles a year on the course.
The average golfer drinks 22 gallons of alcohol a year.
It was computed that based on this information, the average golfer
gets 41 miles to the gallon.



Glenna Marshall said...

Bob--thanks for your comment! Most of the agencies that I've looked at require that your combined ages not equal more than 100, so as long as you're both under 50, you should be okay! :)

Thanks for reading...

jel said...

Morning Bob,& Ingrid

glad ya made it though the storm.

we just got 3in of snow!

sorry that your mominlaw isn't doing good!

hop ya can find the job ya want soon!

thanks for the funny
like the one about the golfer :)

safe and warm weekend!