Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ah, the weekend.

Saturday. The weekend. For those who work during the week, a time to relax and unwind. Or get those things done that you didn't have time for M-F.

Ingrid and I both have job interviews scheduled for Monday morning. She is interviewing for a health care tech (CNA) position in the surgical department at Covenant hospital in Urbana. I am going in for a food services position at Carle Arbours, a facility for senior citizens in Savoy, south of Champaign. These would be good steady positions for us, and we need that right now. I heard back from Midwest Portraits, and the man said he had made his choice, but that if the choices didn't work out, he would give me a call. We'll see.

Ingrid was supposed to have last night off, but they called her into work. She was not happy. It was a rough rest of the day. She is on her way home at this writing. Before coming into the house, she will go next door to help her mother. Yesterday was not a good day for Ursula. It's up and down for her on a daily basis. Ingrid is working third shift in order to be available for Ursula. I fear that the schedule will wear Ingrid down. I pray that doesn't happen.

Have a great day and weekend.