Monday, February 11, 2008


Yesterday when we left for church, it was four(!) degrees and the wind blowing at 40 mph. It's still cold, although the high was around 17 today. Ingrid and I both had job interviews, she with a local hospital about a health care tech (CNA) opening, and me with a local long-term care facility about a food service opening. I was told that I would hear something in about a week, while Ingrid is scheduled for a second interview this Friday. If we were to both get these jobs, it would be a steady source of income which is needed right now. I've been unemployed for nearly six months, and I need to get back into the market. I have had interviews during that time, but none resulting in any offers. I hope and pray that at least one of us will find favor in the eyes of these prospective employers.

Something funny almost happened last night. Our church's evening service begins @ 6 pm. At 5:35, I develop the hiccups. I began laughing about it.....but they didn't go away. Ingrid got a big kick out of it........but they didn't go away. I left the house, knowing that I was to lead the singing at church. Sometime during the trip, the hiccups went away. I was glad.

Stay warm.

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