Saturday, February 2, 2008

I heart the internet for job-hunting!

As a result of my adventures yesterday emailing my resume to different prospective employers, I got a call just after 8 this morning from Midwest Portraits Co. in Mahomet IL, asking me to come in for an interview Monday @ 1:15pm. Yay! This company is wanting to fill a position of contacting churches to sell pictorial directories and fire department fund raisers. It says it's a $25,000 base + Commission + Bonus. So let's see what happens there.

On Tuesday I will be serving as an election judge for the primary elections. Our county has recently implemented optical-scan technology; before that we had punch cards. (Can you say 'hanging chads?') The new way is better because not only are the votes counted as ballots are placed in the ballot box, but there is indeed a paper trail. The ballots are "darken the oval" in scope. You take your ballot, and a pen, and fill in the oval next to the person you wish to vote for. Then the ballot is inserted into the counter, the vote is counted and recorded on a memory chip, and the paper is dropped into a secure metal box. I firmly believe this method is superior to not only punch cards, but also to touch screen voting machines which do not leave a paper trail. Just my feeling about it.

More later.

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jel said...

great new about the job interview!

out here in the sticks we still have the paper and pencil trail :)