Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Elections, floods and.....snow?

The primary election went well from my perspective. We were assigned 5 judges, but one was sick and did not come. It made it interesting, but we made it through. Turnout in our precinct was, as usual, low for a primary, but voters came in at a steady pace, which made the day go by fairly quickly. My feet and legs were very sore when I got home, and my legs are still tired as I post this. Overall, a good experience.

The 11 inches of snow melted off over the past two days, and we got a day-long rain storm which caused flash flooding all over the county. In driving to Urbana to return the election supplies, I saw a trailer park where the water rose to the bottom edges of the trailer doors. One car was over half submerged. Several viaducts in Urbana and Champaign were flooded with well over five feet of water.

Now, the forecast is calling for 1 to 3 inches of new snow.

Where's that number for reservations to San Diego?

More later.

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jel said...

Thought we were going to have to, swim the the river last nite, as much rain we were getting, but we made it there and back before the was over the road! :)

we got snow now!

take care