Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pics of Us.

This is me, Bob, holding our dog Bobo. In this shot he was only three months old. Since that time I have also removed the goatee from my face. Since I'll be having a birthday in February, I decided I want to look younger. Vain, eh?

This is my beautiful wife Ingrid. She is, among other things, a photography buff, but doesn't like having her own picture taken.
What a great smile.
My mother in law is now home from the hospital. She is still weak, and has an apparatus which is used for feeding her through a tube, and also for the giving of insulin. Even after all this time, she still feels nauseous. If she were able to eat solid food, the machinery would be unnecessary. Until that time, she will use it. Having her home is good, for obvious reasons, but also Ingrid and I live next door to Ursula. (That is a story in itself, for another post.) No more driving to and from the hospital 17 miles each way, or buying the cafeteria food.
Tomorrow I will attend a "mini job fair" sponsored by the local unemployment office. 14 companies are scheduled to be there, looking for employees. There must be some company that will believe that my experience would be a good fit. We shall see.
More later.

1 comment:

jel said...

Glad to met ya , so to speak :)
the 2 of ya make a cute couple!

Ingrid, sounds alot like me,
i love to take pics, but don't like them taking of me ! ;)