Saturday, January 5, 2008

A "Happy" New Year?

Hey. Hope your new year is starting out better than mine.

My mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital on Wed. 2 Jan with a bowel obstruction. Turns out it is a reappearance of cancer, which she has fought in various places since 1985. Surgery was performed on 4 Jan. The surgeon could not get it all, because it wrapped itself around her small intestine. He got what he could, and chemo/radiation will have to kill the rest. Unlike her other surgeries, she doesn't appear to be 100% mentally yet. This afternoon when I went, she believed she was in her own bed, at home, and couldn't understand why nurses were trying to make her get up and move. She stubbornly refused, and told them to "get out of my house." Problem is, she's in a hospital bed, in an actual hospital, the very one where she worked as an RN for 27 years. My dear wife Ingrid has spent two of the past three nights at the hospital with her mother. She is worn out. She is sleeping now as I write this @ 9:00 pm Central time 5 Jan.

Seems like back in the day, hospital visiting hours were rigid and unbending, and no one was allowed to stay overnight in a patient's room. Now it seems commonplace. When did this start?

Otherwise, how are things? I lost my factory job of 20 years back on 31 Aug. because of a plant closing, and in December began work with a temp agency. It's been tough trying to find a stable permanent job, that isn't fast food or convenience store. That may be next. I am not complaining or having a pity party, though. God is good....ALL the time.

Thanks for dropping by.

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