Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The long hospitalization is over.........

Ursula is coming home today. To recap, she was admitted Jan. 2, had surgery Jan. 4, and after fighting nausea and other ailments during her stay, is being released today. Ingrid is there with her. Yesterday's weather was, in a word.....CRAZY! 8 am yesterday, 41 degrees. 8 am this morning, 4 degrees. Big storm front blew through last night. Rain, freezing conditions, cars in the ditch. Ingrid worked yesterday 3pm-11pm, and ended up staying in Champaign rather than risk the roads coming home.

It will be interesting to observe things around here. Ursula will have to have more get the rest of the cancer that remained after the surgery. She has fought cancer for 23 years.....and the fight goes on. She is a strong-willed person, but this latest illness has left her very weak physically. It will be tough for her. God gives strength where we are weak.

More later.

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