Monday, January 14, 2008

Hopeful News....and a new Complication

Yesterday we finally heard from the doctors concerning my mother in law's condition. It appears that, at this time, there is NO pancreatic cancer. They want to begin chemo to get rid of the remaining cancer around the colon and small intestine. Further surgery may be needed. We are so thankful that pancreatic cancer seems to have been ruled out at this time; however, we know that an MRI indicated a spot of some sort on her pancreas. Yesterday evening her blood sugar level (she is diabetic as well) measured 199. On Saturday it had been around 160. It is still too high.

This morning, Monday, Ingrid, my dear wife, called and said that Ursula had developed vaginal bleeding and is going in for a scope this morning.
Ingrid spent the night last night after coming home Saturday @ noon and staying home until we went yesterday afternoon. But even at home, she didn't sleep well. It seems that there was a disagreement between her and another family member. Ingrid was very hurt, then became angry, and came home. The experience, however, caused her to not sleep well Saturday night. She was up @ 12:30am and didn't sleep the rest of the night. I am so concerned for her health and well being, but until Ursula comes home, being at the hospital every night, while still working, is the norm.

More on this story later.

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