Friday, February 27, 2009

Today's your birthday.................

or in this case, mine. I was born in Keokuk, Iowa this day in 1965. Forty-four years ago.......@ 7:26 am. Son of Charles Arthur and Ruth Oraleen Tripp Menge. Raised an only & dad lost twins, Jerry and Julie, in 1963. Moved from Warsaw IL to Arenzville IL in 1967 when dad transferred with the railroad. Parents divorced in and I moved back to
Warsaw in 1975. Lived there until Mom's death in 1981.....moved in with Dad and stepmother in Arenzville....graduated HS in 1983. After washing out of army basic training, I moved to Springfield IL in January 1984 to attend community college. Got a part time job at Hardee's which became a full time job.....I dropped out of college. Continued working at the restaurant until i was let go in July 1987. After a futile attempt to find work, I moved to Rantoul IL in October 1987. Three days later, through a temp agency, I got work in a local factory. I was hired full time in January 1988, and remained there until the plant closed August 31, 2007.

I became involved with, and joined, Bible Baptist Church in Rantoul in November 1987. Easter Sunday 1988 I led singing for the first time. I have done so (with a few brief sabbaticals) ever since. I first met Ingrid in 1997 when she visited the church with her mother. We got to know each other later that year, after she came to faith in Jesus Christ. I proposed on Valentine's Day 1998, and we were married six months later.

Over the years we have had highs and lows. We have each lost a parent; yet we have had wonderful times with family and friends, and with each other. I am so grateful and thankful for my wife. I cannot adequately convey what she means to me.

This has turned into a brief biography of my life. I hope I have not bored you. Just some insight into this life placed here by God.

Happy Birthday to me.

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.


jel said...

happy birthday

hope ya had a good one

and thank you

~Tori~ said...

Happy birthday!

You were born in Keokuk?? Did you know I'm from Iowa?? We have done a revival in Keokuk at the Church of the Nazarene! Small world, huh? =)