Saturday, February 28, 2009

A legendary voice is silenced

Radio broadcasting pioneer Paul Harvey died earlier today at his winter home in Phoenix, at the age of 90. Mr. Harvey lost his wife and producer, Angel, last May, and never seemed to fully recover from the blow. He began his "News and Comment" on ABC radio in 1951, and he continued in the role (albeit in a limited capacity the last year) until his death. His program "The Rest of the Story" premiered in 1976. No word yet on what will happen to the broadcasts. His son Paul Jr. and Ron Chapman have filled in during Mr. Harvey's absences.

He is survived by his son Paul Aurandt.

Another legend is gone. People under 25, or even 30, do not understand the significance of losses like this. Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, George Burns, Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Johnny Carson.......the list goes on during the past 35 years. I understand that everyone's frame of reference is different...........but I can't help thinking that this generation's popular performers cannot, and will not, measure up to the standard set by the aforementioned performers and their contemporaries.

Being a radio enthusiast, this is a loss that hits hard. Paul Harvey is the last link to the so-called 'golden era' of broadcasting. He is now gone. Even if we don't realize or sense it, we have all lost a national treasure.

Rest in peace, Mr. Harvey. You are now with your Lord, and with your Angel.

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