Thursday, February 12, 2009

Abraham Lincoln: 1809-2009

Today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. He was a self made man, known for honesty, which is rare today, especially in politics. He was a lawyer, U.S. representative, U.S. Senate candidate, and eventually President. His entire presidency was wrapped up in war; specifically the War between the States. Nothing 'civil' about it. He was one month into his second term, about a week after Gen. Lee surrendered, when he died at the hands of an assassin. Today, he is regarded as one of our greatest Presidents; at the time, though, he was not seen that way. As the years went by, his actions were studied through the lens of history. I have visited the impressive museum in Springfield IL, and it is worth your time.

It is a very nice day today. Cooler than it was on Tuesday, but nice for February. I am off work today and tomorrow. Work is going fine. I am 97% recovered from my fall in December. I have some slight numbness around my left knee, but not in the joint itself. And sometimes I get a bit of pain in my lower back, which shows up about an hour before I go home. Overall, though, everything's cool.

In the last week since I joined Facebook, I have reconnected with several former classmates who I have not seen or talked to since high school. It has worked out well so far. Plus I have connected with those who I see occasionally and keep up with them during the week. So in this case, technology is really working well.

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.

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Anonymous said...

Robert-I'm curious as to why he wasn't viewed in a whole different light. He doesn't get enough credit for what he did for this country ya know? He is by far my favorite president. What was the real reason he was assassinated?Tell me more about the Museum. I'd like to see that one day.