Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Job Prospects are Looking UP!

Had TWO job interviews yesterday. One at Wal-mart in nearby Champaign, and later at Guardian West in Urbana.

The Walmart interview went well. Surprisingly well. I say that because almost from the beginning, the manner of speaking was that I was going to be hired. The opening is in the meat department of the Walmart (W-M) Supercenter on Prospect Ave. in Champaign. W-M has a 3 step process in interviewing: a first interview by a department head, a second one with an assistant manager, and the third with the store manager. The store manager is the only one who can officially offer you a position. I went through the first two steps yesterday morning and was told to expect a call for the third interview with the store manager. I got the call @ 4 pm. The third interview (and likely job offer) is scheduled for 9 am Thursday.

The second place I went yesterday for an interview was Guardian West (GW) located in Urbana. They are part of Flex-n-Gate, and manufacture steel parts for trucks, and other vehicles. About three weeks ago, my friend Tom Bricker, a GW employee (and former co-worker of mine at Rantoul Products) told me about a job opening on second shift he was aware of. I submitted my resume and cover letter. Last week the HR supervisor called me to say that, though the 2nd shift position was filled, he had another open position that he felt I was qualified for: receiving clerk on first shift. I went in yesterday afternoon, and interviewed with the HR supervisor, and also met the shipping supervisor who would be my direct boss. HR man said he had one more interview to conduct and he would let me know sometime today. I have already left him a voice mail letting him know that I have another offer, but would really like to join the GW team, and asking him to contact me ASAP.

After six months of unemployment and over ten interviews, suddenly there are two companies who seem to want me to join their team. Imagine that.

I'll post again when I know who I'll be working for. Until then, keep your stick on the ice.


jel said...

God's timing!

Pastor Darryl said...

Hi Bob
Love the pics and also will be praying for you as you go through these job interviews.