Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quick Update

I went for a job offer at Walmart (WM)Supercenter in Champaign @9am. They offered me a position in the meat department for 9.75/hr, which is a lot better that I was expecting. I accepted, and was sent to Carle occupational medicine for the drug test. I was told that the results would be emailed to the personnel lady, and she would call me Monday. Orientation would begin Tuesday.

What about Guardian West (GW), you may ask? I have not heard from them since the interview on Tuesday. I called twice yesterday, and once this morning before going to WM. Got HR man's voice mail. They are not out of the running...........yet. If they call with an offer that resembles what we discussed on Tuesday, I will accept, and decline the WM opportunity.

More later.

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